Hey there!

I'm Tai (Xingtai) Huang


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Hellur (yassified). I am a contemplator standing at the intersection of design and technology, based in Cambridge MA. My passion is to create innovative solutions with strategic thinking and attention to the details to achieve business goals and bring the optimal experience to the users.

Currently working as a product designer at KAYAK, creating user experiences for flight search and travel planning. Prior to that, I have been in engaged in design and research projects with Slack, Pandora, Disney Research, etc.

I graduated from the Master of Design program with a certificate in Applied Data Science at UC Berkeley, where I explored the future intersection of design and technology! Projects coming soon.)

In addition to design, I also love playing therapeutical music on harp to serenade my local community. Check out my channel on Tiktok!

My Design Hippocratic's Oath


Good design should not only be usable, useful, and delightful, it should be, above all, ethical. Sometimes we have to fulfill a business goal and create "Dark Patterns" that facilitate the users into our desired outcomes. Never use trickery, coercion or exaggeration to persuade, and always inform the users of the risk and provide them choices to opt-out.


Who is included? Who is excluded? I always care about how a feature or a large system can serve a broader population beyond the MVP personas. It helps us to build a more welcoming world for those who are underrepresented, the physically challenged, the LGBTQIA groups, people with dyslexia, etc.

Towards The Future

Think and design for the future. As designers, always bear in mind that the world is changing in flux, so are our users, contexts, and markets. What we discovered in the user research today is built on the past, so we have to envision different possible future scenes, and bring the most preferable one to the present.

Work Experience


Jun 2022 - Now

Product Designer


Jul 2022 - Now

Virtual Reality Designer


Sep 2021 - Dec 2021

Product Design Consultant


oct 2021 - nov 2021

Product Designer

UC Berkeley, College of Engineering

may 2021 - sep 2021

Graduate Student Researcher

Realme Mobile

Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

Product Management Intern

Xavor Corporation

Jun 2020 - Sep 2020

User Research Intern

Disney Research

Jul 2017 - Sep 2017

Research Intern