Disney Research

2017 internship project: Multi-disciplinary design optimization
Jun. - Sept 2017
Robert Young, Yadanar Hnin, Qimin Wang, Terrence Zhao, Chaoran Chen, Antariksh Mahajan
My contribution
As a Research Intern at Disney Research Lab in Shanghai, I collaborated on a spatial optimization model to provide insights for urban planning and infrastructure system for Disney Parks.


Infrastructure is all around us.

During my internship at Disney Research China (DRC), our team of Disney City investigated how infrastructure systems might best integrate with human-centered urban designs. I assumed the responsibility to research on how the different spatial layouts will impose influence on pedestrians' experience and the efficiency in the infrastructural clusters.

Human Experience Metrics

How Might we...

Measure the human experience in the urban environments with quantifiable metrics?

How easy is it for someone to get from point A to point B in an urban space?
How convenient is it for everyone who is living in the urban space to get to the city center?
How many different types of building can a person see within a walk of a given distance?

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